BRYCE 3D . ... the Magnificent !



You have doubtless all already seen these superb images, exits from the imaginary fertile of some fan of fiction science: So much real vessels that one could have touch them, distant planets the worrisome and strange aspect, infinite water extents majestic rock openings ...

All these images have necessitated either the perfected mastery of graphic arts on the part of its author, or the utilization of software of 3D creation such Bryce, or (often) the two !

Since some times, I have the chance to use this software, and the lesser of flattery that one can find to it is to tell that it is MAGNIFICENT !!! (to see even MAGICAL)

Indeed, with some minutes, or some hours, you will see to appear on your favorite screen (that a MAC for my share) most extraordinary images (strictly speaking).

Before to tell you some more,here are some extracted stemming of my own library (creations of amateurs - forgive imperfection please.. .)

Gallery 1 . ... ... ... ... .... Melting Pot

Gallery 2 . ... ... ... ... .... Other pictures

Amateurs of aviation ....... Aviation